Domain Cost Compare

Domain Cost Compare

Having previously owned over 150 domains it was easy for me to make mistakes when buying or renewing any domain (website name).

I, like most people, am drawn to what seems like a good deal – quite often, only to find out later on that maybe it wasn’t such a good deal after all (or even “I walked into that one with my eyes wide open”).

I’m not saying the prices offered were divisive, deceptive or misleading – what I am saying is “I found it very easy to make mistakes”.     So, I collated tables to help me when deciding which registrar to use when buying or renewing a particular extension of domain. (extensions are :- .com  .net  .uk   etc . .)   And now, I put that information here, for you.


If you find any errors, please let me know - I will correct them.

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Recommendations  I have used most of the registrars shown here, but some of them I would not wish on my worst enemy - some I am very happy to recommend to you.

NameCheap & NameSilo both have :- Polite, helpful and knowledgeable support staff as well as very reasonable prices.   I still have well over 100 domains and am now moving all of my domains to those two registrars.

I have been using a hosting service provided by TSO Hosts since 2015.   Having used others before then, I know how good TSO are - So I can recommend them.

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Please use the links I provide on this site to visit  NameSilo,  NameCheap,  TSO,  DreamHost

if you make a purchase I will earn a few pennies commission.  Thank You for that.